Luvs “New Kid”

What do people want from a diaper company? Diapers, most likely. Do people also want insights into the intricacies of childrearing? The answer to that question is less obvious. Nonetheless, Luvs stands ready to offer such assistance. This mini-drama (via Saatchi & Saatchi, New York) positions the brand as an educator on the special challenges of bringing a second kid into the familial mix. Introduced by an onscreen super that says “What it feels like for a child to be told they’re getting a new sibling,” the vignette shows a wife telling her husband that, since she has “a lot of love to give,” she’s bringing an additional mate into the household — a younger and cuter one, no less. Her husband is taken aback, to say the least. Having begged my parents to give my new sister back to the hospital after she was born, I don’t need any convincing that it’s difficult for the first-born kid to accept a sibling. But I’m not at all convinced that analogizing a kid’s feelings to those of the husband here really helps our understanding of the former. If a diaper company is going to set up shop as a purveyor of wisdom about raising kids, its take on things had better seem unarguably astute. The narrative here instead seems as weird as it does wise. If anything, it might shed more light on the mother’s feelings than on those of the kid who’s feeling displaced. Given how common postpartum depression is, maybe a woman who has just given birth again secretly wishes she’d added a hunky new mate rather than a squalling new child. –Mark Dolliver