It’s not unusual for an ad to note in passing that the brand donates part of its take to a worthy cause. But this ad does especially well while doing good. A nutrition bar “created for women,” Luna tells readers it helps sponsor the Breast Cancer Fund. The text that says so is of the same size and style as the body copy. And that’s not the only sense in which Luna’s largesse is integrated seamlessly into the ad. Having noticed the words “Breast Cancer Fund,” readers will naturally interpret the visual and headline as a reminder that healthy foods can fortify them against some cancers. If an ad came out and said, “Eat our product or you’ll be more likely to get cancer,” people would find it too manipulative. Since Luna speaks of cancer solely in the context of the brand’s philanthropy, readers won’t feel they’ve been subjected to scare tactics. At the same time, though, just seeing the C word will create a sense of urgency about eating the right foods—including one that (like Luna) is formulated to “promote wellness.”