Lucky You Fragrance Campaign Debuts Via AFG

$20 Mil. Effort Has 1950s Feel; Work Targets 18- to 34-Year-Olds
NEW YORK–Avrett Free Ginsberg is launching today a TV and print campaign for Lucky You, a new fra-grance from Lucky Brand Cosmetics.
The $20 million ef-fort, which will include Web support and a radio spot this fall, has a 1950s feel.
“The company sees itself coming out of the James Dean, dungarees era,” said Tom James, senior executive group director at the New York shop. “People are looking for something more stable, like romance and bedrock relationships,” which, he said, are associated with the 1950s.
The 30-second TV spot features a “James Dean/Elvis Presley” type, who, after spraying himself with Lucky You cologne, ends up walking out of a diner with actress Jaime Pressly, from the WB network show Jack and Jill. The commercial is meant to convey that “lucky is the right time in the right place,” according to the client.
The spot ends with the tagline “Get lucky,” a phrase designed to appeal to the client’s target market, men and women ages 18-34.
“It’s not about one-night stands and ex-perimentation,” said Frank Ginsberg, AFG president, CEO and chief creative officer, about the TV spot. “Young people re-spond to it. [The fragrance is] a basic American product.”
The print ads take a similar approach. Here, Pressly and the same actor who is in the TV spot stand in front of a jukebox; she is holding onto the lapel of his leather jacket. The tagline appears alongside them.
Advertising for Lucky Brand Jeans, which is handled in-house, is similarly themed, said client officials.
Lucky Brand fragrances are marketed by Liz Claiborne Cosmetics. K