as luck Would have it

Fate may be fickle, but he’s also a heckuva friendly guy in a new campaign for the Nebraska Lottery from Ayres Advertising.
TV spots breaking next month feature a bald man wearing a black shirt that identifies him as “Fate.” He, of course, has to be on hand every time somebody wins the lottery–which turns out to be a fortunate thing given the exhilarated emotional state of the prize-winners.
Standing outside a convenience store, Fate quickly moves in to move a trash can out of the path of a woman who’s staring at her winning card. “Winning’s no fun if you’re in a body cast,” the jocular man of destiny says, chuckling. Another spot has him dining with his pal “Fortune” at the Kismet Cafe. Fortune, feeling flush, adds “a few zeros” to the winning lottery prize.
“Fate,” according to the Lincoln, Neb., agency, “rewards Nebraskans who consistently play a small amount each week.”
–Trevor Jensen