Lowe Launches Ameritech Finale

Lowe Lintas & Partners launched its final campaign for SBC-Ameritech over the weekend with new work for Digital Edge cellular technology.
The agency won the project promoting the Midwest launch of SBC Wireless’ enhanced digital technology in a pitch with Ameritech’s incoming shop GSD&M, sources said.
In February, the San Antonio, Texas, client consolidated the Ameritech business at its roster agencies. GSD&M, which was awarded media buying on the $85 million account in January, will pick up the bulk of the business.
The Digital Edge work from Lowe Lintas & Partners takes a brand building approach focusing on the benefits of cellular technology rather than promotional rates and price points, sources said.
Three planned television spots in the $10 million, fully integrated campaign that launched Sunday take a light look at everyday situations.
One shows a nail in the middle of the road being barely missed by passing cars. The voiceover asks what state the nail is in and then points out that with Digital Edge it doesn’t matter. Another shows someone hijacked and needing a phone that would have an exceptionally large calling area. The campaign is tagged “Digital Edge, no questions.”
Agency officials referred calls to the client. An Ameritech representative declined to discuss the campaign.
Lowe Lintas & Partners is shuttering its Chicago office in May when its relationship with SBC-Ameritech officially ends. The agency had been fighting to hold the account, its only major client, since SBC’s $62 million acquisition of Ameritech in October.
A new entity, formed by a joint venture of Lowe Lintas and St. Louis promotions shop The Zipatoni Co., also owned by the Lowe Group, will open in its place. Lowe Lintas Columbian will remain open. K