Love Hurts

With a tight budget and frigid winter temperatures to contend with, Young & Laramore was having trouble getting any local road racers to volunteer as models for a new campaign for bike wheel manufacturer Zipp Speed Weaponry. But love will make a man do crazy things, and Jim Fields–who is engaged to one of the shop’s account managers–
dutifully stepped up.
Fields, a triathlete, took the day off from work to ride on the city’s outskirts on a frigid, snowy February day.
“We just pretty much abused him,” concedes art director Jeff Morris. Outfitted for racing on a balmy summer day, Fields’ fingertips turned blue while the goose bumps on his arms “looked like an egg
carton,” Morris said.
Larry Ladig, the photographer on the shoot, didn’t fare much better. He was hanging out the sunroof in a car traveling about 30 m.p.h. into a stiff headwind.
“It was pretty fun for the first few hours, then I started feeling guilty,” said Morris, who was warm in the driver’s seat throughout the shoot.
–Jenn Goddu