For the Love of Golf, T3 TV Plays for Laughs

By Glen Fest

DALLAS–Aiming to reach golf nuts through self-deprecating parody, custom club maker Golfsmith Golf Centers of Austin, Texas, has launched a new television campaign to tout its fledgling retail chain. Billings were undisclosed.

In two 30-second spots by Austin’s T3, Golfsmith takes a humorous angle on obsessive golfers, accented by narration that encourages the fanaticism: ‘Because you can’t get enough golf.’

‘They wanted to drive traffic to the stores,’ said T3 account supervisor Tom Breedlove. ‘We talked to them about . . . taking a brand image approach to the store that would carry over into other services they offer, such as custom clubs.’

In the commercials created under T3 partner and executive creative director Rob Buck, lead characters are consumed by golf, even in inappropriate settings. In ‘Quality Time,’ a father forgoes hitting the links in order to stay home and play catch with his lonely son. After catching a particularly fast toss, the youngster exclaims, ‘Nice pitch, Dad.’ ‘Thanks, buddy,’ the father replies–holding an iron and preparing to thwack another golf ball his son’s way.

In ‘Shotgun,’ a man driving through mid-afternoon traffic has his precious golf bag safely buckled in the front seat of his car. He continually winks at and touches the gleaming set of clubs before pulling up to the valet stand of a restaurant. He hops out, walks over to the passenger side and opens the door. Struggling to crawl out from the backseat is his well-dressed, perturbed date. The voiceover asks, ‘Do you really love golf?’

T3 president Gay Gaddis said the ads fit the concept of Golfsmith’s stores in Dallas, Austin, Houston, Denver and Vancouver, Canada. ‘That’s why we developed a campaign around the idea that the people who really, really love golf need more than the typical golf store. They need a wonderland,’ said Gaddis.

The commercials will air in the client’s five markets, particularly during sporting events, golf tournaments and some prime time programming.

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