lotto worriers at grey

When Grey Advertising usurped the $50-60 million New York State Lottery account from DDB Needham, Grey chairman Ed Meyer’s switchboard lit up.
Not all of the calls were congratulatory. The well-wishers were interspersed with distressed Grey staffers wondering if the shop’s new client would create a conflict of interest for them. Specifically, people were worried they would be prohibited from playing the lottery.
In an internal Grey memorandum, Meyer allayed the fears of his charges: “Grey employees are still eligible for a big lottery win of their own. That’s because the Lottery is a game of chance there’s nothing anyone can do to control or influence the results.”
He continued: “We don’t print the tickets, we don’t distribute the tickets and we don’t choose the winning numbers.”
Meyer did indicate that Grey employees would not be allowed to participate in any Lottery-sponsored sweepstakes in which Grey is involved.
The client had no comment. –Hank Ki