Lose Weight, Gain Love Partners

The Zimmerman Agen-cy gets right to the point in its first ads for D&A Nutrition: People lose weight to gain romance.

TV and print ads for the Tallahassee, Fla., firm’s weight loss product, XenoPlex, combine pro-vocative photography with sassy text. The latter does not mention XenoPlex’s all-natural herbs, but does dangle the promise of sex.

The Tallahassee agency studied competitors’ ads—classic before-and-after shots of normal people. “Not believable at all, and boring,” said agency art director Rob Kerr. “We decided to get as far from that work as we possibly could.”

Their answer: Be truthful.

“People say they want to lose weight to feel better, but they really do it to attract the opposite sex or the same sex,” said Kerr, crediting the approach to director of account planning Grant Meldrum.

Blue-tinted images of well-toned body parts were lensed by Atlanta photographer Par-ish Kohanim. Copy for one of his trim female midriff pix: “They’ll still see you as a piece of meat, just a leaner cut.”

Copywriter Ja-son Piroth paired “If you can’t get into your own pants, what chance do you have with anyone else’s?” with a buff male torso, jeans unbuttoned.

“The client loved it,” said Kerr. “He wanted us to make [the ads] gutsier.”

Three 15-second television commercials will break next week on Fox, MTV and Lifetime. Posters will appear in Gold’s and American Strength Legends gyms.