Loomis Uses Its ‘Head’ in Pro-Cuts Radio, Print Ads

The Loomis Agency breaks its first advertising for Pro-Cuts today.

The Dallas shop is releasing five radio spots and newspaper ads in the client’s 37 markets, some of which are located in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas in the Southwest.

While the Hurst, Texas-based client has always targeted the “young guy who wants the convenience of in and out,” said Pro-Cuts vice president of marketing Stan Hansen, the new campaign zeroes in on “active” 18-34-year-olds, a strategy that helped the agency win the account in a spring review.

“It was our recommendation that in this category you’ve got to pick a market and focus on it,” said Loomis senior vice president and director of account service Julie Marks. “You take Great Clips, Pro-Cuts, Supercuts—they’re similar and we’ve got to do something that stands out and be big somewhere.”

Radio, Marks said, is the best medium to reach the target audience. She added that the 60-second spot is the ideal venue to feature a new “brand song.” That charged musical score, created by agency chief executive officer Paul Loomis, was designed to both entertain and inform, she said.

The radio campaign includes a Spanish-language commercial and two spots in English that feature absurd scenarios in which a young man becomes smarter, more successful or a soccer star because he had his hair cut at the chain. Another radio spot promotes Pro-Cuts’ policy to fix a bad haircut given by another salon.

The campaign tagline, “It’s your head. Use it,” replaces “Move up to the pros.”

Loomis also presented the tag at the earlier review. “We felt it had two meanings—be smart about where you get your hair cut, and it’s your head so you want it to look good,” Marks said.

Nearly all of the $2 million in the client’s media budget is earmarked for Pro-Cut’s radio effort, according to Hansen.

Pro-Cuts has more than 200 company-owned and franchised locations throughout the U.S.