Long John Silver’s Casts Line Out for New Shop

Long John Silver’s is going fishing.
The Lexington, Ky.-based quick-serve seafood-restaurant chain is preparing for a national agency search in January and has parted ways with incumbent Doe-Anderson Advertising and Public Relations.
Mike Agate, president of consultancy Select Resources International, Los Angeles, is handling the search, said Bruce Hinton, senior director of public relations at the client.
Hinton estimated the total budget for Long John Silver’s account was $35 million, but said the search was strictly for a creative shop. Media will remain split between Media That Works in Cincinnati and Active Media in Atlanta. Hinton would not estimate the creative business’ value.
He added Doe-Anderson has been invited by the client to defend the account, but a representative at the Louisville, Ky., agency said the shop would decline the invitation.
Hinton said Temerlin McClain, the company’s shop from 1989 to 1996, has been invited to pitch. The agency, in Irving, Texas, will take over the account from Doe-Anderson in January for two project assignments that will carry the client through April. In May, the business will transition to the new agency, he said.
Fallon McElligott, Minneapolis, will also participate in the review, said Hinton; “We have new ownership. You know how those things work.”
The company was acquired in September by A&W Restaurants, called Yorkshire Global Restaurants now. The chain has a new chairman, Sid Feltenstein; president and chief operating officer, Ron Powell; and director of marketing, Kevin Armstrong, who has arrived from Subway and is seeking “a long-term marketing and creative relationship with one agency,” said Hinton.