Lone Star Spots Big on Texas Imagery

DALLAS Lone Star Beer, a division of San Antonio-based Pabst Brewing Co., is breaking its first TV campaign with six 15-second spots for Lone Star Light created by Makos Advertising, Marketing and Design, the agency said.

The campaign for the light beer also includes outdoor advertising in key Texas markets and a new Web site, www.puretexanbeer.com.

The commercials rely on Texas imagery and a deep-voiced narrator with a Texas drawl.

In “Ants,” a man is seen hotfooting through a backyard covered with fire-ant mounds. “Never take on 2 million fire ants alone,” the narrator intones. “Bring a couple of friends with you.” The next shot reveals the man carrying two Lone Star bottles. The spot closes with a backyard barbecue scene of friends enjoying the beer.

A spot called “Belt Buckle” shows a large belt buckle with the Lone Star logo as the narrator says, “In Texas, a man’s belt buckle can tell you a lot—what his name is, where he’s from, or in some cases, what beer he drinks.” The next shot shows the belt buckle being used as a bottle opener.

All the spots use “Pure. Texan. Beer” as a tagline, said Mark Turner, president of the independent agency in Austin, Texas. “The campaign epitomizes Texas culture.”

Campaign spending is undisclosed. The brand’s ad expenditures amounted to only $100,000 in 2004, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.