LoJack Launches Nationwide Effort From Greenberg

LoJack Corp. this week will launch a nationwide TV, radio and print campaign budgeted at $8.5 million, an agency representative said.
The effort marks the first time in a decade the Dedham, Mass., maker of stolen vehicle recovery systems has placed ads on television outside New England.
Created by Greenberg Seronick O’Leary & Partners in Boston, a pair of 30-second commercials pokes fun at typical car ads. The spots point out that no matter how stylish the car or sophisticated its features, once the vehicle is stolen, a LoJack system is the best way to get it back. The commercials will run mainly on cable TV.
Seven radio spots and a pair of print ads are also included in the campaign, which is slated to run for the next 12 months.
–David Gianatasi