Looking to capture the unpredictable nature of Morgan Imports’ merchandise, a new print campaign from West & Vaughan uses mystery and humor in a strategy that conjures up Pandora’s box.
Product at the Durham, N.C., store is displayed in crates, as if fresh off the docks. The four sepia-toned print ads’ sealed boxes, stamped with messages about their contents, are intended to convey the idea that what’s inside could be just about anything–and so could the store’s stock.
“Vietnamese Planters,” reads one. “The best thing to come out of Vietnam since American G.I.s.”
“Clocks from Switzerland for sale Monday at 10:00:01 a.m.” reads another. “Clocks from
everywhere else, for sale Monday.”
Another European country is teased (see photo below) in one ad’s “Aromatic soap from France. They weren’t using it.”
All boxes have a “Shipment received” notice giving the store’s phone number and address in the city’s historic district.
The Durham, N.C., agency’s work breaks this week in local newspapers, magazines and through direct mail. –T.W. Siebert