livin’ on a prayer

Ace Asphalt might find itself saying a few Hail Marys if its new outdoor campaign from Cramer-Krasselt is successful.
The nine billboards, which went up in early July, are intended to be “self-effacing and irreverent,” according to Brian Landauer, general manager of C-K’s Phoenix office. Irreverent indeed: One ad features a photo of Pope John Paul II kissing the ground, and reads, “We feel the same way.”
Landauer said the ad is in no way meant to offend, only to grab people’s attention. “We’re merely saying that we have to agree with the pontiff’s emotion at the time the photo was taken,” he said.
“Nobody gives a darn about asphalt, and you’re not going to bore people into caring,” said John Riley, vice president of marketing and sales for Phoenix-based Ace. “You need to have something really on the edge of things that people are going to care about.”
The campaign will run for six months in Phoenix and may be joined by a direct mail component.