A Little Sara Lee Makes a Difference

DALLAS Publicis in Mid America portrays Sara Lee’s fresh bakery line as food that makes life a little better in a national television campaign breaking Monday.

The effort from the Dallas shop introduces the brand’s new buns and rolls and marks the beginning of a $20 million campaign promoting Sara Lee’s fresh products, according to Sara Lee Fresh brand manager Carla Schaeffer.

Three 30-second television spots separately weave a food item into a storyline and all end with a shot of an assortment of Sara Lee’s fresh breads.

“Bridal Shower” begins with screen copy that states, “Everybody doesn’t like something,” and then cuts to a man sitting uncomfortably in a room full of women at his fiancee’s bridal shower. His future father-in-law saves him from the discomfort by inviting him into the kitchen for a hotdog on a Sara Lee bun, to which the future groom says, “I owe you one.” At that, the father-in-law says, “Elope. Tonight.” Voice copy: “Finally there are buns good enough to be called Sara Lee.” The spot closes with the super, “Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee.”

The opening screen text returns in the other spots as well. In the second, Sara Lee’s Honey White bread comforts a homeowner who bemoans his inability to fix the plumbing. The Honey Wheat bread calms a bride-to-be in the third spot who is stressing about all the details of her wedding.

“It’s a very human-scale illustration of the fact that this isn’t going to change your life and your subsequent generations aren’t going to live in prosperity because of the bread, but the little things can make a difference,” said Galen Greenwood, senior vice president and group creative director at Publicis.

Schaeffer said the spots are intended to make viewers feel good about the brand. “I would say that hopefully we can play a role in making everyday moments a little better than they may otherwise have been,” she said.

The 30-second spots were cut down and will also air as three 15-second versions. TV will appear on network stations during shows like 60 Minutes and One Life to Live and on cable channels like HGTV and Lifetime. The campaign also includes promotions, point-of-purchase displays and print, which will run in the August issues of magazines like Shape and Ladies’ Home Journal.

The new Sara Lee buns and rolls were introduced in May; breads and bagels launched in October. The line is currently available in 60 percent of the country, according to Schaeffer.