Lighter Laughs for Mike’s Hard Lemonade

CHICAGO Mark Anthony Group’s Mike’s Hard Lemonade is breaking a national television campaign today featuring fresh-faced young men and women in humorous situations.

The new TV spots are the first work from The Ad Store, New York, since winning the account in January, following a review that included incumbent Cliff Freeman and Partners, New York, a representative for the Lakewood, Colo.-based company said.

The commercials were shown in Chicago this week during the Food Marketing Institute Show.

Four 30-second TV spots from the new agency carry the tagline, “A Hard Mike’s is good to find,” replacing “A hard day calls for a hard lemonade.”

In one spot by The Ad Store, a guy deep-sea fishing with his buddies pulls his catch onto the boat and tosses it into a cooler full of ice and Mike’s. He says, “Whew, I could sure use a Mike’s.” When the anglers open the cooler, the fish burps amid empty bottles of Mike’s.

Another spot shows a couple at a carnival. A barker taunts the male to see if he can topple a pyramid of bottles, which happen to be Mike’s. The boyfriend throws the ball at the barker’s head instead, then takes the Mike’s for himself and his girlfriend.

In a beach scene, a guy puts a Mike’s against his forehead to cool off, but the bottle sticks to his head. Nearby people start laughing as he yells for help. “When it’s hot and sticky, Hard Mike’s is good to find,” says the narrator.

The final spot revolves around smoke signals exchanged by neighbors at a barbecue. One neighbor signals that if he is invited, he will bring more Mike’s to the party. The host answers his caller to come over with the Mike’s by sending up puffs of smoke forming a smiley face.

The work is a departure from Cliff Freeman’s creative, which featured more guy humor in campy worker accidents.

Mark Anthony Group spent about $10 million last year on the Mike’s Hard Lemonade brand, according to TNS Media Intelligence/CMR.