‘Life’s Good’ in LG’s First National Push

LOS ANGELES LG Electronics MobileComm’s new TV, print and online campaign by independent BrandBuzz calls life with the firm’s multi-tasking VX9800 cell phone “as easy as entertaining, as innovative as LG.”

BrandBuzz’s previous work for the San Diego-based client focused on phone fashion and form, said Graham Turner, executive creative director at the New York agency. New efforts present the just-released VX9800 more “like an adult toy,” he said. “Its functions are very practical and useful, but we use [the phones] for a lot of other reasons, too.”

Two 30-second spots target 18- to 35-year-old “fun seekers and form fanatics . . . who see the phone not only as way to connect to others but as an entertainment device,” said BrandBuzz account director Kara O’Neill. The commercials, she said, “show real moments in people’s lives, the way they really use the phone.”

In “Obelisk,” launching this weekend, the VX9800 is shown soaring through outer space as a booming voice lists product highlights: MP3 player, digital camera and camcorder, full keyboard and e-mail capabilities. Footage then cuts to a young woman grabbing the device from her boyfriend’s hand, abruptly ending his phone-feature monologue. “Do we have to go through this every time I ask to borrow your phone?” she asks. The spot ends with a voiceover saying the VX9800 makes life “a little more dramatic.”

Print executions urge magazine-flippers to take a closer look at the LG phone, which at first glance appears to be a high-end flat-screen TV.

All work includes LG’s “as easy as . . . ” and “Life’s good” tags.

This is LG’s first national campaign since the firm introduced its cell phones in the U.S. in 1998. Earlier efforts relied solely on in-cinema and regional media buys. This effort, however, includes national broadcast and cable on CBS, ABC, the WB, UPN, MTV, ESPN, Comedy Central and TBS, among other networks.

Print ads, which broke in the current Entertainment Weekly, are scheduled to run nationwide in magazines and newspapers including Rolling Stone and USA Today. A Web component launches later this month on Atomfilms.com and iFilms.com.

A campaign budget was not disclosed. LG spent $13 million on telecom product ads in 2004, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus, and $4 million through August 2005.