Life Savers

Once in a while, a deterrent comes along that is so reliable, cost effective and deadly, it impacts the way military thinkers think.”
The above text was not taken from last week’s coverage of the conflict in Kosovo, but from a print ad for Wilmington, Mass.-based Textron Systems.
Devised by Latus, Szostakowksi & Mensing in Boston, a yearlong global branding push themed “Get smart” has begun rolling out in specialized military and intelligence-community publications such as Armada Defense News and Gulf Defense.
Ads stress the ability of Textron products to limit aggression and minimize casualties.
For example, one execution touting the unmanned Hornet defensive weapons system plays up the fact that “With it, commanders can quickly establish outposts, defensive perimeters, beachheads . . . without any men in the firing line.” The ad shows a close-up of a fresh-faced soldier with the headline, “Save him. Send us.”
–David Gianatasio