Lieberman Makes Ad Push in N.H.

NEW YORK Presidential hopeful Joe Lieberman on Tuesday broke new TV and radio efforts targeting potential Democratic voters in the Jan. 27 New Hampshire primary.

A TV spot, “Only One,” focuses on the defining aspects of Lieberman’s various policy proposals. “He’s the only one who’s proposed a new cut in tax rates for the middle class, not tax increases,” a voiceover says in the 30-second spot. “The only one fighting for paid family and medical leave. He’s the only one who’s consistently taken a clear stand against terrorism and tyranny.” The TV ad will air on Boston network affiliates, which broadcast to the majority of New Hampshire.

A 60-second radio ad, “Secret,” features a report from The Australian newspaper regarding a conversation reportedly held between President Bush and Australian Prime Minister John Howard in which Bush reportedly said that Lieberman is the Democrat he worries about the most. It will air leading up to the New Hampshire primary.

Lieberman on Monday launched his first ads in Arizona, Oklahoma and South Carolina. The campaign will air one new spot and another that has been running in New Hampshire.

“I love America, but I hate the direction in which George Bush is taking us,” Lieberman begins in one new spot called “Love/Hate,” which is airing in Oklahoma and South Carolina. An announcer then says, “How do we defeat George Bush’s extreme agenda? It’ll take more than extreme anger. Joe Lieberman has spent 30 years rejecting the extremes of both parties.”

Lieberman media consultant Mandy Grunwald said that though there is no direct reference to Democratic front-runner Howard Dean in “Love/Hate,” the message in the ad is directed at both President Bush and the former Vermont governor. “It didn’t seem like it needed to be spoken,” said Grunwald, who noted that the campaign wanted to focus on Lieberman, a senator from Connecticut, rather than his opponents.

The ad airing in Arizona, entitled “Determined,” started airing about two weeks ago in New Hampshire, Lieberman says, “I know how to unite America again and take us forward, not backward. I am more determined than ever to fight for what’s right for you.”

The spots were both produced by Integrity Minded Media, a collaboration of Lieberman media consultant Grunwald and pollster Mark Penn. Representatives have stated that the campaign is now spending approximately $1 million in media per week leading up to primaries on Jan. 19 and Feb. 3.

This story updates an item posted yesterday with details on Lieberman’s latest ads.