Lexus “Jostlin’ Jim”

A car commercial that doesn’t have a pretentious voiceover, particularly with luxe brands, is hard to find. And while this new Lexus spot out of Team One doesn’t quite dump the booming baritone entirely, it does give the voiceover talent quite a ride. Jim Sloyan, “Joslin’ Jim,” as the spot is called, attempts to read his commercial script highlighting the features of the new IS while speeding around a racetrack. The ride, however, keeps him moving so much that his words are barely audible. But that’s OK; it’s entertaining to watch him react as the car whips around the bends and he loses his grip on the lines. The message is clear: This sporty sedan is fast. And the spot is a refreshing take on the slick standard car fare.–Eleftheria Parpis