Greenberg’s team has a few missing positions

Did I miss something? Isn’t Bob Greenberg’s “purpose-driven team” [“Who’s on First?”, A&C, Nov. 21] missing a couple people, like the visually oriented idea person (whom they used to call the art director) and the language-oriented idea person (whom they used to call a writer)? Instead, all we have is some new kind of “creative director” who has been relieved of responsibility for inspiring and championing big ideas, and now has to only come up with “brand essences” and “visual styles.” As if this business weren’t already vague and sloppy enough.

Why do I doubt that Mr. Greenberg’s own agency has teams structured this way?

Jim Morris

The Communicaterer

Evanston, Ill.

For the record: An article on Tim Love’s new position at Omnicom [Nov. 21] stated that he returned to New York from Tokyo in August. In fact, he relocated to New York last month. In a Creative Brief [Nov. 14], the creative director of Chandelier was misidentified. He is Richard Christiansen.

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