Picking on Twix spot seems like an overreaction

I’m not sure why McGhee Williams took such offense to “the very disturbing television spot for Twix” [Letters, Feb. 21]. The “honey, does this outfit make me look fat?” gag has been used in ads before—in fact, there are a few spots running right now that use variations on the same joke.

To categorize this spot as offensive to African American women presumes that we all think alike, which perpetuates a more disturbing stereotype. As an African American woman, I’d like to have the choice of deciding what’s offensive to me. As an African American marketing executive, I’ve sadly found the commercials that most often perpetuate stereotypes are created by African American ad agencies.

There are plenty of ads that legitimately offend specific audiences. And minorities in our industry face a myriad of faux pas that are particularly offensive—and potentially illegal. But going after the Twix spot seems like an overreaction to me.

Mika Phames

Marketing executive