Why not dig a bit deeper for ‘Best Creatives’?

After reading your feature titled, “The Best Creatives You Don’t Know 2004” [Sept. 27], I am a bit disappointed. Not in the work of these “yet-to-be-discovered” art directors and writers, but by the fact that they all are employed by monolithic, already-overexposed agencies.

There are so many interesting faces in the creative crowd that are unknown nationally (or, should I say, unknown in New York City or California) but shine on a local or regional basis. Why not feature some of them? (Because they don’t have an in-house publicist, I would assume.) Their books may not be overstuffed with national spots and gold trophies, but their talent shines nevertheless.

My kudos to those selected for the feature. However, next year, instead of focusing on flavors of the month, I would encourage you to dig a bit deeper into the nation’s creative talent pool.

Frank Moore
Identity Lounge

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