Steven Grasse’s dig at Alex Bogusky

I guess in the end it makes sense why Steven Grasse would decide that Alex Bogusky is his most despised person in advertising [On the Spot, Sept. 20]. When your agency makes a large part of its living selling cigarettes to kids, you’re not going to like Alex Bogusky very much.

Kirk Souder
Cancer survivor
President, executive creative director
Publicis & Hal Riney
San Francisco

While Steven Grasse’s slap at Alex Bogusky smacks of calculated outrageousness (“Ooh, look at me! See how naughty I am!”), the lad does have a point.

Certainly it would seem morally incongruous for an agency that has been showered with acclaim and awards for demonizing tobacco executives and marketers to pimp for companies that contribute to obesity (Burger King) and alcoholism (Molson).

Irony. It’s a beautiful thing.

Glenn Watkins
Account supervisor
Beecher & Gladwell
Raleigh, N.C.

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