Anti-Semitic Ad Touches a Nerve

I am not the slightest bit surprised to learn there are still bigots in the world. I am surprised, however, to find them legitimized at Adweek.

Adweek [Shoptalk, Jan. 7] seems to think Mr. Ysselstein’s anti-semitic ad didn’t get enough exposure in southern Ontario, so the magazine included Mr. Ysselstein’s pathetic whining about being misunderstood. I guess Adweek believes everybody deserves a chance to air their side of the story.

Still, that doesn’t explain the cartoonish photograph of a Jew wearing a prayer shawl. Maybe it’s supposed to be funny. Certainly, Mr. Ysselstein would think so.

Robin Spencer Arm

Creative director



Remembering Dave Thomas

Thanks to Barbara Lippert for her tribute to Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas [Creative, Jan. 14].

I was lucky enough to have met and worked with Dave on a PSA for a charity golf tournament years ago. He was not only a soft-spoken gentleman, he was as likeable as his commercial persona portrayed.

As an actor, I can only relate what he said after shooting the finishing scene. When I told him, “That was great! We can use that,” Dave said, “Don, I can do better.” And he did.

With two adopted children of my own, I can say that Dave was a very strong proponent of adoption. He helped get tax legislation relating to adoption passed in Congress. And he promoted adoption at every opportunity. In fact, my wife and I use Dave as a great example for our children—”Look what you can grow up to be!” we tell them.

My favorite Dave story is this: I was in Durham’s finest restaurant one evening, and one of my clients was dining with Dave and Wayne Rogers of M*A*S*H TV fame. We were shooting another charity golf tournament PSA the next day with Wayne, and I walked over to tell him that we had rewritten the script a bit, so not to memorize his lines just yet. Dave asked me to send him a dub of Wayne’s spot when we were finished editing, because they had a running bet going that each was a better actor than the other.

Dave Thomas also had a good sense of humor.

Don Pausback

Creative director

Pausback Advertising

Durham, N.C.