Why Not More Women?

Is it just me, or did anyone else notice the complete lack of women with the Agencies of the Year profiled (Agency Report Card, April 7)?

I know it’s no fault of Adweek, but is this a national trend? Are women-owned agencies just not that good? Or do agencies that are doing well just not offer partnerships to women?

Paula Cox

Account service representative

EHR Design, San Antonio, Texas

Sony’s Ad: Powerful Stuff

Re: Mark Dolliver’s critique of Sony’s print ad, ‘No toy is too big for Sony Stamina batteries,’ with the visual of the space shuttle powered by Stamina batteries (What’s New Portfolio, March 24).

You wrote a few words that I think you should consider having for lunch. When I looked at this ad, I thought: Sony Stamina batteries. They must be pretty powerful. And I thought of the successful space shuttle missions.

As your lunch entree, I suggest, ‘What’s the first thing you think of when you see a photo of one of those things (the space shuttle takeoff)?’ And, for dessert, how about, ‘It’d be hard to pick a stronger symbol of how modern technology can go haywire.’ Incidentally, these words have a third fewer calories than most of your others.

This is a powerful, effective visual with a head-swinging headline. One that you should have the courage to admit you misjudged. It would be a good idea to send apologies to your readers, Sony and Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, Boston.

William Sharp

President, Sharp Advertising, Atlanta

Tagline Fever

It’s happening again. A tagline fad. A few years ago it was taglines using ‘real’ and ‘stuff.’ Now we’re being inundated with lines stamped out of the following formula: ‘Life (or the world) is such and such. Do so and so.’

For instance: Gatorade’s ‘Life is a sport. Drink it up.’ Reebok’s ‘Life is short. Play hard.’ Hugo’s ‘The world is getting smaller. Smell better.’ Outdoor Products’ ‘Life is a journey. We’ll help you pack.’ HandiSnacks’ ‘Life’s a trip. Pack accordingly.’ Nissan’s ‘Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride.’ Bissell’s ‘Life’s messy. Clean it up.’

As a copywriter, I find it embarrassing and depressing. These lines are so dime-a-dozen. And as for that Nissan line, whew! I remember when Chiat/Day built bandwagons rather than jumping on them.

Jim Morris

Communicaterer, Chicago

For the Record

A chart in the April 14 issue (‘Unbundled Accounts in Review’) stated that Western International Media in Los Angeles was awarded American Honda Motor Co.’s entire media account. Western handles media buying for Honda’s Acura division only. Rubin Postaer and Associates in Santa Monica, Calif., handles creative and media for the Honda brand In Best Spots (Adweek, April 14), the production company for the Acura Integra ‘Bovy’ commercial is Petermann Taub. The correct title for the Hyundai Tiburon spot is ‘Great White.’

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