Grading Adweek: More Thoughts on Report Cards
In the Agency Report Card issue, your publication gave Team One a “C” for Creative. The rating was rationalized by saying the work for Lexus was “silly.”
Was it because you didn’t like the spot? Was it because we missed the strategic point with consumers that is obvious to you and not to our Lexus client or the consumer focus groups that gave it a thumbs up?
I think “silly” is irresponsible journalism considering how many potential clients may use the Report Cards as one guide to choosing an agency to pitch their brands.
Irresponsible because the person(s) who wrote it remains anonymous and protected from any responsibility for his or her comments.
My point is, the use of “silly” is totally subjective. Case in point: the Belding judges gave the latest Lexus work six first-place bowls. The One Show has recognized this same body of work in four different categories. The Clios have awarded the same work with three bronze statues, and D&AD chose three Lexus ads to be featured in its book.
The judges who have honored the latest Lexus work make their living by evaluating their own work and the work of others on a daily basis. I simply don’t understand the disparity between your opinions and theirs.
My suggestion when you venture into critiquing the creative of agencies is that you provide insight and rationale to support editorial comments.
Tom Cordner
Co-chairman, executive creative director
Team One, El Segundo, Calif.

In your Agency Report Card issue, Gray, Kirk/VanSant was given a “D” for Creative. What you failed to tell readers was that you based your evaluation on what was not submitted by us for your review. But rather it was gathered randomly by your staff when we failed to make your deadline. In fact, it appears that some of the work you attributed to us was not even work we created.
Did GK/V have a great year creatively? As a former Southeast Agency of the Year, we’d say no. Do we feel you judged our best work? Again, we’d say no. We accept your action as a consequence of our ability to make your submission deadline. But you should have included the circumstances of the creative work judged in your story. To grade us in that manner and pass it off as a standard review of work submitted by the agency was beneath you.
Jeff Millman
EVP, creative director
Gray, Kirk/VanSant