Microsoft Speaks
Iam writing in response to your story, “Microsoft Hears McCann, A&L Pitch Global Business” [Adweek, May 10], which contained several inaccuracies regarding Microsoft’s relationship with Wieden & Kennedy, as well as our interactions with McCann-Erickson and Anderson & Lembke.
First and foremost, Microsoft is more than satisfied with Wieden & Kennedy and its work on the corporate-image business. Any statements to the contrary are simply incorrect. Second, the idea that we are considering a change in agencies to handle our “global business” is inaccurate. We have no intention of changing agencies outside the U.S. Third, we are pleased with the effectiveness of, and response to, the “Where do you want to go today?” tagline, and have no plans to change it at this time. Fourth, Microsoft has never questioned Anderson & Lembke’s ability to develop creative and successful image campaigns.
I hope this letter will serve as a record of fact going forward.
Robert J. Herbold
Executive vice president, chief operating officer
Microsoft Corp., Redmond, Wash.

Asian Advertising
On behalf of KSCI-TV, I found your special report on upfront markets [May 10] very interesting. I am concerned, however, by your statement that advertisers targeting the Asian American market are more inclined to approach it “via unconventional means,” such as Chinese- and Korean-language ads inserted into the jacket of video rentals “from back home.”
Although valuable, this medium of advertising represents only a small portion of the overall national advertising dollars targeted to reach the burgeoning Asian American market. The majority of Asian advertising budgets are spent in far more “conventional” media, such as Asian-language TV stations like ours. KSCI reaches almost all of the Asian households in their respective markets (and not just those that rent videos).
Asian-language TV in Los Angeles, as well as other major markets, has proven to be the preferred choice for many advertisers seeking to reach the “uncommonly well-educated, affluent and entrepreneurial” Asian market. I know this to be true because KSCI has served it for more than 20 years.
Jon Yasuda
President, chief operating officer
KSCI-TV, Los Angeles
For the Record
Dan Jaffe is the executive vice president of the Association of National Advertisers [Dossier, May 24] … In Best Spots [May 17], Peter Nydrle directed the Corona commercial … Dennis Leggett is the creative director for the Old Navy work [Critique, May 10] … Due to incorrect information provided by the agency, an item in Portfolio [April 26] miscredited the art direction of an Adidas ad from Leagas Delaney. The art director for that ad was David Ayriss.

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