Let’s Go To The Videotape

Video Duplication Services in Grove City, Ohio, knows videotape. Now it’s using it as an ad medium that’s a cross between direct marketing and infomercials.
VDS developed a new program, “Video-Bucks,” that offers participating marketers a three-minute ad slot on videocassettes that are mailed to consumers. Its first video–distributed as a test to 50,000 households in the Columbus, Ohio, area–included spots from six advertisers, including Huntington Banks, Sofa Express, Kroger and The Ohio State University Medical Center.
Judging that mailing to be a success based on consumer response cards, VDS is planning a second, which will target 50,000 upscale households in a two-county area around Columbus.
Per-unit ad rates are 33 cents for 50,000 copies for the first spot on the tape, and 30 cents for the second through the fifth slots. VDS claims this gives advertisers more targeting but a lower cost-per-thousand than comparable mail, spot TV or spot radio ad rates. –Scott Hume