Let’s Be Friends

Leo Burnett’s KidLeo unit’s latest study defines six “universal qualities” children look for in their friends.
The study, titled “Let’s Be Friends: Understanding the Human Potential of Your Brand,” suggests children want friends who are fun, trustworthy and understanding, and who grow up with them, know how to fit in and know boys and girls are different.
Kids use similar criteria in deciding whether or not they like a brand, said Tina Imig, senior
planner and co-founder of KidLeo.
“If brands can tap into these enduring, timeless needs, they can build lasting relationships,” she said.
Brand managers needn’t try placards promising “Pick me and recess will be an hour each day.”
Imig says it’s not just a popularity contest, but entails embodying a kid-friendly personality.
Even with this knowledge, culled through months of interviews with kids and those who work with them, brands may have a hard sell becoming buddies with kids. After all, how many can help build a fort or pass notes in math class? –Jenn Goddu