Legacy Questions ‘Crazyworld’

WASHINGTON, D.C. The American Legacy Foundation next week breaks new work that focuses on the fact that labels on cigarette packs are not required to list the ingredients inside.

The “Crazyworld” effort is part of Legacy’s ongoing “Truth” anti-smoking effort from Havas’ Arnold in Boston and Maxxcom’s Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Miami.

The first spot in the series will air during the MTV Video Music Awards August 28. The 60-second effort, “Labels,” opens outside a grocery store and shows a shopping cart filled with items. A teen, hosting what is called “The Ingredients Game,” challenges contestants to find the one item in the cart that does not list the ingredients.

When the contestant finds a pack of cigarettes, the game show host says, “Cigarettes kill a third of the people who use them, but unlike other products, they don’t need to list the ingredients on the label. Welcome to Crazyworld.”

“Recent research shows that eight out of ten Americans believe that tobacco companies should be required to list ingredients on cigarette packages,” said Legacy chief operating officer Lyndon Haviland.

The other three spots in the “Crazyworld” campaign will break next month. A companion print effort will appear in magazines such as Teen People. Legacy spends $50-60 million annually on ads.