Lee Jeans “Mike Rowe”

Dirty Jobs creator Mike Rowe stars in a new Lee Jeans campaign for men from Arnold, and according to this first spot, he looks and feels so good in his jeans, women find him so irresistible they can’t help but reach out and touch him. “My girlfriend says they make my butt look good,” he says into the camera, as a woman he passes in an outdoor cafe reaches behind him. With a “Looking good, Mike,” she gives him a tug on his belt loop. Who does that? In another, he scoffs at a $100 pair of jeans in a store window. “Give me a break,” he says, but informs viewers that Lee costs “less than 50 bucks” and the jeans make “my butt look good.” His butt is a recurring theme in this series, to accentuate the tag, “Getting comfortable never looked so good.” –Eleftheria Parpis