AGENCY: Tatham Euro RSCG, Chicago
CLIENT: Stouffer Foods, Solon, Ohio
ART DIRECTOR: John Linesch
COPYWRITER: Karen Wallisky
PHOTOGRAPHERS: George Grigus (food), Jean Moss (people)
Ads that employ feminist themes for selling things to women tend to be pretty inept at it. This one is an exception, playing the game with skill and subtlety. Picking up on the photo, copy recalls the bad old days ‘when your mother had to pretend she was satisfied with a watercress sandwich’ and ‘Ladies who lunched, didn’t.’ The ad then lumps those dowdy ladies together with modern women who ‘fast on rice cakes.’
Thus, spartan self-denial is transformed from an avocation of health-conscious ’90s women into an artifact of ladylike servitude. The ad doesn’t pretend Lean Cuisine is the most delicious food imaginable, so you’re disposed to accept the more modest claim that it’s quite tasty enough – especially considering it’s not Fat Cuisine.
Copyright Adweek L.P. (1993)