Following their own advice and building upon a popular brand, the father-daughter marketing consulting team of Al and Laura Ries has released The 11 Immutable Laws of
Internet Branding (Harper Business, $21), the third in the “Immutable Laws” series.
“This isn’t a replacement for our original 22 Immutable Laws of Branding, but a supplement for the Internet,” said Al Ries. “It’s an extension for online companies, but they should keep the original laws in mind, too.”
Some of the new tenets include the Law of Interactivity (“Without it, your Web site and your brand will go nowhere”), the Law of the Common Name (“The kiss of death for an Internet brand is a common name”) and the Law of Either/Or (“The Internet can be a business or a medium, but not both”).
Though the pair was tempted to try something a bit different with the new book, they resisted the urge.
“I wanted to call it The 10 Com.mandments of Internet Branding, with a dot after the com,” the elder Ries said, “but it made more marketing sense to stick with the ‘Immutable Laws.'”
–T.W. Sieber