Larger Ads Have Snowball’s Chance

Despite the excitement about new, larger and more interactive online ads, the industry has yet to hear a deluge of success stories directly resulting from the new units. However, on Tuesday, teen network — one of the early adopters of the new units — released its first set of results.

Based on a single campaign done for a female targeted over-the-counter health and beauty product, San Francisco-based found that the larger ads delivered a click volume of 18- to 36-times greater than with 468-by-60 banners.

The campaign incorporated three of the new-sized, IAB-supported units. With the flash enabled rectangular ads, click activity was 25 percent greater than with a traditional banner ad. With the skyscraper unit it was 18 times greater and with the pop-up, it was 36 times greater. said it plans to release additional findings — be they good or bad — from other campaigns in the future.