Lanza to Introduce Banco Agricola to U.S.

ATLANTA Banco Agricola S.A. de El Salvador has hired the Lanza Group to handle creative work and media buying for all the bank’s U.S. advertising, the shop said.

The work will promote the bank’s remittance service in six U.S. markets: Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Washington, D.C., Las Vegas and San Francisco. The campaign includes Spanish-language radio and television ads in each of the markets.

Lanza Group landed the account without a review. The independent Atlanta shop acquired the business as part of a marketing agreement with Rivera & Rivera, an ad agency in El Salvador that has been developing advertising for the bank in Central America for the past several years. The bank has not previously advertised in the U.S.

Banco Agricola is the largest bank in Central America with more than 1 million customers and over 60 branches throughout El Salvador. The financial institution handles about 30 percent of all money transfers to El Salvador.

“The remittance marketplace is very competitive,” said Arturo Samayoa, vice president and creative director at Lanza. “Our goal is to make Banco Agricola synonymous with fast, convenient and reliable remittances to El Salvador and Central America.”

Billings were not disclosed.