Lambesis’ Spice Girls Agency Taps Into The Teen Scene To Fashion

$6-8 Mil. Campaign for Fetish Body Products

LOS ANGELES–Appealing to the obsessions of young teenage girls is the goal of a new $6-8 million campaign for Fetish fragrance and body products.
Del Mar, Calif.-based Lambesis created this first global TV and print campaign for the client. The first three TV spots break globally on youth-oriented networks and cable stations in April.
One 15-second spot, “Tight pants,” shows a thin young girl trying to squeeze into a pair of small leather pants after spraying herself with Fetish. Once she gets them on, she clicks the Fetish spray dispenser onto her pants. The spot ends with a product shot of the perfume.
Another spot, “Phone hang-up,” shows a different girl who makes repeated phone calls but hangs up laughing whenever someone answers.
The TV effort, which may include as many as six spots, is set to run in up to 32 markets globally, according to Lambesis executive creative director Chad Farmer. “We took our market direction based on research we have conducted,” Farmer said.
The research helped the shop learn about the various fetishes of young girls in the global market, he added.
The spots will run throughout the year. One spot, “Drama queen,” has already broken in England. Print work will appear in teen and women’s fashion books.
The Fetish brand, which includes nail care products, cosmetics, the fragrance and a new line of body products, is marketed by Dana Perfumes, a division of Renaissance Cosmetics in New York.