L.A. Among Goya’s Targets for Non-Hispanic Push

Goya Foods is preparing a marketing push in Los Angeles and other areas to broaden its appeal beyond its Hispanic base.

A small shop in Providence, R.I., called The Link Agency is charged with creating highly targeted advertising and promotions focusing on non-Hispanics. The work will run in L.A., Houston, Chicago and regions of the Northeast, the agency said.

Goya, based in Secaucus, N.J., markets foods such as rice, beans and nectars. The company is seeking “more general-market penetration” for its products in the grocery trade and among consumers, according to Link representative Joanne Sourial.

Print and outdoor advertising will break in November, Sourial said.

Link’s efforts will support Goya’s four major product lines and effectively “supplement” work from Goya’s lead general-market agency, Avrett Free & Ginsberg in New York, Sourial said. A budget for Link’s work was not disclosed; Goya spends about $10 million annually on ads, according to CMR.

Link’s assignment is new and resulted from six months of solicitations and two separate presentations to the client. There was no full-blown review, said Sourial.

Alex Lopez Negrete, president and CEO of Goya’s Hispanic agency, Lopez Negrete Communications in Houston, said the move makes sense for his client. “More non-Hispanics are buying beans and salsa and seasoning than ever before,” he said, “and Goya will go from being a curiosity in the pantry of the general market to being a staple.”

Lopez Negrete broke five national TV spots for Goya this month, its first campaign for the client in two years. Print work breaks in national Spanish-language titles in October.

In one spot, a student flicks open a can of Goya Pear Nectar and is pulled into a fantasy in which he is a master skateboarder who can do fantastic jumps and turn a fruit stand into shelves of Goya beverages. When he takes his last sip, the fantasy ends—only to be revived when he opens another can.