La Agencia de Orci Breaks Brawny Work

ATLANTA Georgia-Pacific has launched its first Spanish-language advertising campaign with television ads for its Brawny paper towels, the company said.

La Agencia de Orci & Asociados, an independent shop in Los Angeles, produced the work that is airing in Southern California. GP selected the shop early this year after a national review of 15 agencies.

The spot is getting heavy play in the Southern California area where the company expects to reach 75 percent of the Latino population, said Gino Biondi, brand marketing director for Brawny. If the ad boosts sales in the region, the campaign will expand to other areas with a heavy Hispanic population, Biondi said.

“You have to make it work there first,” he said.

The campaign includes television, radio, in-store promotions and sponsorship of community events.

GP plans to launch a second Hispanic campaign by the end of the year in Phoenix. Those ads will promote the company’s Angel Soft toilet paper.

The company dedicated 10 percent of its annual marketing budget to the Hispanic effort this year. That spending could double next year, Biondi said.

The company does not disclose its total spending on advertising but, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus, GP spent $88 million on advertising last year and $36 million through the first seven months of this year.