KSL, FCB Barter for Boeing

NEW YORK — KSL Media, New York, and True North Communications sister shop FCB, Seattle, have teamed up with Corporate Trade Solutions, a New York-based commodity-exchange broker, to provide bartering opportunities for aerospace giant Boeing Co.

The effort combines the trading capabilities of CTS with the media purchasing expertise of KSL Media — under the direction of Boeing and FCB.

The plan calls for KSL to buy media for Boeing with a blend of cash and under-performing assets from Boeing, which is moving from Seattle to Chicago. Those unidentified assets are converted into a form broadcasters can use, such as commercial air travel or hotel stays, said Kal Liebowitz, KSL’s president.

“There were often three or four various trades made until we were able to convert the assets into something that the stations wanted,” Liebowitz said, refusing specify dollar values.

Stations participating include CNBC, MSNBC, BBC, CNN and Bloomberg, Liebowitz noted.