Kosher Characters

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To get to the other side dish, of course.
In “Maitre d’,” a 30-second animated spot for Manischewitz Rice Pilaf Mixes, a defeathered bird walks into a restaurant, where a fish is the maitre d’.
“Reservations for two,” says the chicken, with a potato at his side.
“I’m sorry, monsieur,” sniffs the mahimahi in a snooty French accent. “I see nothing here for a chicken and baked potato.”
The chicken returns with some spaghetti–and gets blown off again. But the fish rolls out the red carpet when the chicken shows up with a trio of Manischewitz’s Rice Pilaf Mixes. “Not your ordinary side dish” is the tagline.
“We wanted to have some fun and reach a broader audience,” said Rich Pasquarelli, associate creative director at Burkhardt & Hillman in New York. “When people think of Manischewitz, they think of wine or matzos. They have other products. We’re trying to break the stereotype.”
The spot was test-marketed in Florida and Maryland around the Passover holiday, and it may run this autumn in major markets, such as New York and Boston.
The computer animation was rendered by Cyclotron in New York.
–Mark Lang