Kohler “Cooking Class”

Many commercials are too boring. This one for Kohler sinks (via GSD&M Idea City) may be too interesting as it shows an attractive woman bursting in on a cooking class and venting her rage at the chef/teacher – who, we gather, has wronged her in some egregious way. The vignette certainly holds your attention as she crashes various objects into the sink. And the punchline is funny, as (once the woman has exited) the chef/teacher identifies the key lessons of this episode for his students: “the importance of durable Kohler cast-iron sinks [dramatic pause] and honesty is the best policy.” Still, the woman’s spectacular display of anger likely does more to upstage the product than to demonstrate it. Think of it this way: If you witnessed such a scene in real life rather than in a commercial, would you give a moment’s thought to the sink? If so, you’re either in the sink business yourself or you’re something of a bore (or both). The brand fares better in a companion spot in which we see a whale swimming in the Seine alongside Paris, finally stopping opposite the apartment of a woman whose Kohler VibrAcoustic Bath is emitting cetacean sounds. The presence of a whale in a bath-equipment commercial is unusual, to say the least, but the connection between whale and product is at the heart of the vignette. In the other spot, it wasn’t the sink that drew the irate woman to her scene of vengeance. –Mark Dolliver