Kodak Moments on PGA Tour Worth a Million

Kodak will sponsor an 18-hole event on the PGA Tour next season with a $1 million dollar prize, but the event will take place over a series of year-long tournaments.

Sponsored by Eastman Kodak, Rochester, N.Y., the Kodak Challenge will feature a selected hole at PGA Tour events in 2009. Pros must play at least 18 holes throughout the season to be eligible for the $1 million prize, to be based on the lowest score relative to par for the aggregate amount of holes.

The new event is part of a six-year marketing deal Kodak signed with the Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.-based PGA Tour earlier this year. Other elements of the pact include Kodak branding on digital scoreboards and corporate hospitality.

“True to the spirit of our company, the Kodak Challenge will celebrate the beautiful holes and memorable moments in golf