Film noir returns in Adworks’ moody and sophisticated television spots for the Aluminum Association.
“It was a sultry night when Della finally agreed to stop by for a soda . . . “
In 30 seconds, we are immersed in a steamy landscape where our world-weary protagonist encounters his overheated object of desire. He is armed with nothing but passion and a soft drink in a chilled aluminum can.
“A little later, it was the cans that were icy cold, not Della . . . “
The highly stylized spots, complete with noir-ish camera angles and period music, were directed by Ago Panini, known for his work in Europe for Alfa-Romeo and Peugeot.
“Our objective was to present aluminum’s benefits in an entertaining and timeless way,” said Mark Greenspun, creative director at the Washington, D.C., shop.
The ads break today in nine markets in the Midwest and mid-Atlantic states, where a marketing battle between aluminum and plastic containers is particularly fierce.
The Aluminum Association is based in Washington.
–Vincent Coppola