kind of a drag

Doug DeGrood was watching the NBA playoffs on TV last week when he caught a commercial for Juwanna Mann, a summer movie about a guy who suits up as a woman for a shot at the WNBA.

The concept was more than a little familiar to the partner in Gabriel DeGrood Bendt. The Minneapolis shop had created a campaign with that premise for the WNBA’s Minnesota Lynx last year.

A series of humorous TV spots showed a man so bent at getting involved with the team, he masqueraded as a woman, trying out as both a player and a cheerleader.

Juwanna Mann, according to online promotional materials, is about an NBA star who is banned from the league. Next stop: the WNBA, in drag.

A representative from Morgan Creek, the film’s production company, said Juwanna Mann was filmed in 2000, and the script was around for some time before that, discounting the possi bility the idea was lifted from GDB.

DeGrood said the agency has no plans to make too big a stink, but will tell their client about the film.

“There might be some synergies for them with the movie,” he joked.

He also plans to see the show when it hits the theaters. “I’m going to find out how good a ripoff artist they really are,” he said.