For Kids Of All Ages

Two classic Hasbro toys have made their Web debut, thanks to Eymer Design’s interactive unit.
Mr. Potatohead and the Easy Bake Oven can now be found online at colorful sites designed to appeal to kids as well as adults.
The site for 37-year-old Mr. Potatohead ( provides a “Tater Timeline,” in addition to a list of products and promotional events.
Hasbro hopes mothers and daughters view the Easy Bake Oven site ( and share memories of the toy, introduced in 1963, said agency president Doug Eymer.
The Pawtucket, R.I.-based toy maker has actively promoted the sites: Mr. Potatohead toys were given away for several weeks at Burger King restaurants, while contestants were urged to send in recipes to compete for Easy Bake Oven’s “Baker of the Year” award.
The Boston shop now has completed several projects for Hasbro, including a Monopoly Web site.–Sarah Jones