When Petsmart chain stores began sprouting in Kentucky earlier this year, independent retailer IncrediPet made a move of its own. It hired Meridian Communications to help it outfox, rather than outspend, the competition.
The Lexington, Ky., agency’s new billboard campaign spouts short, cat-chy phrases, like “Flabby tabby?” (for low-cal cat food) and “Aaaaaccckkkk attack” (for hairball medicine), focusing on the retailer’s wide selection of pet foods and dietary supplements.
But the most popular billboard message paraphrases a well-known scatological clichƒ. The variation, which launched two weeks ago, states, “Poop happens. Less.” It alerts pet owners to one of the product benefits of Hill’s Science Diet: great taste, less post-meal scooping.
“We had one call from a lady who said it was in bad taste,” said Meridian account executive Julie Carlisle. “But she wasn’t a pet owner.”
The remainder of the IncrediPet campaign is expected to debut in the fourth quarter.
–T.W. Siebert