Kenny And Devo Join The Search

Dick has a friend!
The “creative superstar” featured in Fallon McElligott’s offbeat commercials for Miller Lite has enlisted a pal, “Kenny,” to be casting director for the beer’s National Cheerleader Search promotion.
Kenny introduces each of three new TV spots, which broke Oct. 19 during National Football League broadcasts. The brewer will select four beer drinkers to be the L, I,and E cheerleaders at Super Bowl XXXII in San Diego in January. The three new spots, plus an upcoming fourth, present some of the applicants.
Kelly, an Iowa farm girl, sings with animals and says she “works well with others.” Maria, from Texas, says she can cheer under any weather conditions.
A pair of Hawaiian brothers roll in the sand, and one tries an Elvis impersonation.
The spots were directed for Fallon by Jerry Casale, with music composed by Mark Mothersbaugh. The two may be remembered as members of the breakthrough ’80s techno-funk band Devo.
-Scott Hume