Kennedy Touts Citizens Energy

Joe Kennedy may not have sought congressional re-election, but thanks to a public service campaign airing for the next few months, he won’t be out of the public eye.
The longtime U.S. representative makes an appearance in a pair of 30-second TV spots for Citizens Energy Corp. in Boston, a nonprofit organization teaming with the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and more than 250 oil companies to make 3 million gallons of home heating oil more affordable to needy state residents this winter.
Crafted by Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos in Boston, the campaign also includes radio, newspaper and outdoor executions.
One commercial presents an elderly woman who does not hear her phone ringing or kettle whistling. Her hands shake, and she accidentally breaks a tea cup. A series of captions read: “Loss of coordination. Mental confusion. Fatigue. These are not the signs of aging. They are symptoms of hypothermia.”
Kennedy, who started Citizens Energy 20 years ago, taped several closing messages for the ads, some to solicit contributions, others to urge people to call for assistance. One spot concludes with Kennedy saying, “No one should be left out in the cold.” All include a toll-free number.
Had the production services and media not been donated, the campaign would be worth “upward of $3 million,” said Hill, Holliday account supervisor Karalyn Cleary.